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Here are the Top 10 Safety Concerns When Dealing With Electricity Around Your Home or Business 

1. Electrical shock: Contact with live electrical wires can cause serious injury or death.

2. Fire: Electrical malfunctions or poor wiring can cause fires.

3. Electrocution: Fatal injury from electrical shock.

4. Burns: Contact with hot electrical components can cause burns.

5. Explosion: Electrical sparks can ignite flammable materials.

6. Carbon monoxide poisoning: Gas-powered generators and other equipment can release dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

7. Electric shock drowning: Swimming pools, hot tubs, and other water sources can become electrified, posing a risk of electric shock drowning.

8. Eye injuries: Electric arcs and sparks can cause eye injuries.

9. Hearing damage: Prolonged exposure to loud equipment, such as generators, can damage hearing.

10. Arc flash and blast: An electric arc can cause an explosion, resulting in serious injury or death.

Professional electricians are trained and experienced in safely working with electricity. They understand the dangers and know how to safely install, repair, and maintain electrical systems. They also have access to specialized tools and equipment that are necessary for the job. It is important to hire a licensed professional electrician for any electrical work to avoid any risks and accidents.

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Why Professional Electricians are the Safest Way to Work With Electricity